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My Library For Note 2

Over the years I realized how important it is to carry a library of fixes, apks, roms, kernel, gapps, etc.  I’d like to list the ones I use.  Unfortunately, I am too lazy to find the origin of each file so if you are the creator, please let me know so I can credit you or remove it if you wish.

CLICK HERE to browse the library.

Table of Content

  • extra
  • fixes
  • gapps
  • kernel
  • recovery
  • su


In extra you will find the latest AdAway (host style ad block).  Prior to this, I always had to download F-Droid and then install AdAway (which is outdated on F-Droid).  Both the files say 2.9.2 but this one is built from latest git pull.

Wiziconizer allows me to change icon themes when using a Touchwiz rom such as Ditto Note.

Netflix 1.8.1 is the only way at the moment to use netflix on a lollipop rom.

Viper4Android gives me eargasms.  Need I say more?  I will write a post about this soon, including my setup.


The only fix I use these days is the Shift-DB-Kernel-AOSP-SensorUpdate.zip


Lollipop: gapps-L-minimal-signed-12-14-14.zip

Kit Kat:    Slim_mini_gapps.4.4.4.build.8.x-385.zip


For Cyanide:     PSN_pureCM_12_ANYROM-AROMA-v3.0.3_N7105_OC.zip

For other Lollipop builds: Either Stock or Shift-LP-4.2.zip


I use twrp 2.8.3 or Philz-Dualboot-F2fs-6.58.9-.zip


Currently using UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.40.zip


It is wise to keep a similar library on your external sd card so you can fix things as you go