Arch Linux Beginner's Bible

Whether you are already using Arch Linux or are contemplating hopping over, these links provide a good idea of what the community is and expects.  I’ve also expanded the Bible to include blog and basic troubleshooting links.


Joining The Arch Community

Xyne’s post on Arch Community Ethos

Arch Forum Rules

Arch Forum Etiquette

Xyne’s Arch Linux Help Guide


Basic Troubleshooting

Common Problems and Issues

How to ask questions the smart way

Using Journalctl / Using Systemctl (These two readings are mandatory to know)

Downgrading packages (If a new package update borks you, just downgrade)

XY Problem (“The XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem.”)


Arch Blogs To Learn From

Allan McRae - Proclaimed “Breaker of Arch”

Jason W. Ryan - Great tricks and projects

Arch Linux User Blogs - Numerous Arch bloggers

Xyne - His thoughts, repos, scripts, and more!

Falconindy - Maker of burp and cower.  Two of the most useful tools I use day to day.




Do you have another link that should be added here?  Send the link in the comments below.