Feb. 07, 2015 - Netflix now working!

Feb. 08, 2015 - Seems the 02/07 build is having some blank screen issues.  Please use 02/06 until the dev fixes.

Best Lollipop Rom For Note 2

CM12 has been released to Note 2 devices since December 2014. Many of the earlier Roms were in alpha stage. Although I really like the way lollipop looks and feels, I was a little disappointed at how unstable it was. Bluetooth would randomly disconnect. Data would not connect successfully and would even lose signal randomly. Sound would skip intermittently. Proximity sensors weren’t working. Gps wasn’t locking satellites. The list goes on and on about why lollipop sucked in alpha.


It’s February now and there has been rapid development. Bugs have been ironed out. There is one Rom so far that I’ve been really happy about. I’m talking about wilson3q’s unofficial cm12 Rom.


I’ve just installed this and checked the most irksome bugs so far.  Proximity and data. Both worked flawlessly out of the box. To be honest, this is the first lollipop to have such a strong and stable data connection.

WiFi and data on. Turn off WiFi, data connects right away.  Brilliant.  WiFi and data on. I walk away from router till there is no WiFi. Data kicks on. Beautiful.

I made some photos calls and proximity worked. In other lp Roms, I’d need to flash a fix. Even with the fix, when the screen turns on/off it would flicker. I was able to enjoy a smooth on/off of screen with Wilson’s rom/proximity sensor.  Great job!

This Rom is not about neat tricks and enhancements. This Rom provides stability and functionality. I like this approach as Wilson put into great care about the user experience from a “let’s make this work first” perspective.

The rest of the potential problem areas will be tested tomorrow. As for tonight, I will let it charge and see how battery goes tomorrow at work. I’m hoping for good news tomorrow.


Link:  Click here for wilson’s xda thread