Cyanide V.4 Lollipop Note 2 Review

I recently wrote about Ditto Note 4 and saying how AOSP roms were getting boring.  Well, I lied.  I’ve been trying Lollipop roms on the Note 2 since they arrived as alpha builds, meaning there were quite a few things not working. First off, let me say that I love lollipop.  I love it more than touchwiz.  I love it more than kit kat.


There are a few things that doesn’t work in lollipop but I’m sure they will be fixed soon.  Netflix doesn’t work unless you use the version 1.8.1 which is really old - but hey, it works!


Also, I’ve been having some hiccups while using the provided Shift Kernel.  In the forums, I noticed people with SGH-I317m (canadian variant) had these hiccups.  I’m not sure how or why but I changed my bootloader from a 4.1.2 to NH2 (4.4.4) as well as using Agni Kernel instead of Shift.  So far, my experience has been golden.


Not only is the lollipop UI amazing but my phone’s battery gave me 6+ hours of screen time.  That is monster battery life of active using.  Most roms with good battery life gave me the ball point of 5 hours of screen time.  Touchwiz gave me 4.5-5 hours just for reference.  What I noticed about this rom was that lollipop handles sleep very well.  If you don’t use your phone, the battery hardly gets touched.  I think for a 6 hour period where I didn’t touch my phone, the battery dropped down by 1%.

Xposed App

We won’t see xposed anytime soon as it doesn’t work on ART only roms, which lollipop is.  But I can live without !!


Agni Settings:

Governor - ZZMove ZaneZ-inZane

Scheduler both with Noop

CPU Max Freq - 1704 MHz

CPU Min Freq - 300 MHz

GPU Frequencies - 266/350/440/533/640

LED Fading - Fading Dark

USB Charge Rate - 700 mA

LZ4 Zram Size - 500mb

Swappiness - 60

Touchkey Lighting Scenario - Always off

Mdnie Hijack - Natural

Mdnie Hijack Sharpness - On

Under Addon Tweaks:

Sound Control Master Switch - Boeffla Sound

Headphone Volume - 40 (Because I use Viper Sound Mod, otherwise I leave it at 50 or even 55)

Speaker Volume - 63

Speaker Tuning - Off

Privacy Mode - On

DAC Direct - On

DAC Oversampling - On

FLL Tuning - On

Stereo Expansion - Off

Mono Downmix - Off

Microphone Sensitivity Call - 30db


Rom Link To XDA (Rom, Gapps, Shift Kernel)

Agni Kernel Link To XDA For this rom, I’ve been using version 3.0.3 with very good results.