Flashing Countless ROMs

Introducing Ditto Note 4 for Note 2 variants n7100, n7105, i317.  Over the past six months, I have flashed mainly AOSP roms including the new lollipop roms.  Just to name a few, Slimcat, Blissroms, LiquidRom, W03Slim, Cyanide, UB, and CM M10+.  Although I enjoyed my time with these roms there was something about them that didn’t feel like home.

The lollipop roms still were in alpha stage with apps like Netflix not working at all and intermittent bugs that caused reboots or freezes.  The UI for lollipop was beautiful and was probably the only thing that made me stick to it.

The kitkat roms were solid.  Great battery life and minimal errors.  I even bought some themes for the cm11 theme engine.

Ditto Note 4

Although I was content running a cm 11 rom, I noticed that the ditto note 3 and 4 threads on xda were highly active with over 1.2 million views.  This made me wonder if I’m missing out on something magical.  Ditto Note roms are touchwiz as well, which I haven’t touched in over a year.  Out of curiosity I flashed ditto note 4.

Overall it is different.  How so?  Well, the xposed mods to use are different than the AOSP only mods.  The spen integration is neat.  I’m sure there are a lot of third party apps that could do the same but you would have to know about these features to begin looking for them.  For example, I didn’t know there was a feature called smart stay.  This allows the screen to remain on while you are looking at it.  On AOSP, I’ve been reading web pages but if there is a lot of content the screen timer would kick in and I’d have to wake it up.  With smart stay, my timer is set to 30s but it will stay on while I read.

Xposed Mods

Here is a list of Touchwiz friendly xposed mods I use.

App Setting - If you change dpi in build props, touchwiz will look ugly, including dialer.  This allows me to change my Note 2’s dpi to 240 for xda developer app, chrome, facebook, whatever.

Boot Manager - Disables apps from starting at boot.

Disable Charging Led - The name says it all.

Flat Style Bar Indicators - Changes the wifi/battery/data icons to look absolutely beautiful and flat

Flat Style Colored Bars - changes the sysbar on top to blend with the app you are on.

Greenify - Hibernates battery hungry apps like facebook, whatsapp, etc

L-Call Free - When someone calls, it hovers a small call screen instead of the full-screen call display

MinMinGuard - Disables ads in apps

Wanam Xposed - A plethora of tweaks that are touchwiz friendly

Youtube AdAway - Disables ads in youtube



XDA Thread - Ditto Note 4 Addon Patch

XDA Thread - Ditto Note 4 Release Page

Electron Team Ditto Note 4 LTE Page (Make sure to also grab the addon patch from XDA thread)