Last night something dreadful happened.  My website was inaccessible! This was strange as my server was still pingable and I was able to ssh in and see that it was running fine.  A WHOIS showed that yesterday was the expiration date for my domain.  It’s a long story but let’s just say this was a very time consuming experience where I hope to rectify it so that I won’t have to go through this again.  Apparently all the other DNS resolvers updated my domain but I was on my ISP’s and it was not updated.

While the rest of the DNS resolvers propagate my domain information, let’s talk about DNS!



DNS Resolvers

demoHave you heard of openDNS, openNIC, Google DNS, and Comodo?  They are alternative DNS resolvers that you can use.  In Archlinux, we can simply modify /etc/resolv.conf and add at the top of the list


This would automatically connect you to Google's DNS resolver, which in fact is one of the best free alternatives.  I ran a tool called namebench.  Google Link and AUR Link.

Using namebench showed that the promised faster host name lookup from openDNS was false, at least for me.  Use the tool and check out which nameserver you should use.