Wow time flies. I just realized it’s been awhile since I posted my recent screenshot. Still using the same patchset that you can find in my github.

For this month I tried to keep it simple.  I used the monokai colors to bring a vibrant green on a 50/50/50 rgb background which is the closest I could get to the wallpaper.  I increased the taglinepx to 4 giving that underline for the tag a more noticeable look.  As for the icons, I’m using faenza (darkest).

I had to go through my config.h and fix the runorraise for filezilla.  To be honest, I went away for a few months to try out gnome 3.16 (hype-train).  Gnome 3.16 was nice but I missed having a tiling wm and solely move around windows with the keyboard.  Anyways, here is my screenshots.




Vim (monokai theme) in monacle view: