Facebook Notification Fix For Android

For the longest time Facebook has never popped up a notification for me on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317M.  My initial thought was that Greenify was not working correctly.  However, on a cleanly flashed rom I didn’t install Greenify and wanted to test my notifications.  They still didn’t work.  How odd.  I scoured the net and came across a fix someone suggested.  It sounded far fetched but at this point I was already in a sinking boat.  Would it hurt to try?

Step 1:


Login with your pc and go to ‘Settings’.  You can do this on Android but it takes more time to do what we need to do.


Step 2:


Go to ‘Apps’ on the left side.


Step 3:


Under the ‘Logged in with Facebook’, remove all accounts.  Don’t worry, your accounts will still be active and any purchases made through those accounts will still be there.  This just disables logging in that account with Facebook.  Once you cleaned out EVERYTHING, make sure to disable the two sections below.


Step 4:


Go into your Facebook on your android device.  Go to settings and scroll down to Notifications.  Disable notifications and enable them and make sure the settings look like mine.



Now wait for a notification and see how it goes.  Leave a comment below if this helped or if it didn’t work.