Lately I’ve been doing my browsing at night in bed with the wife next to me.  She can’t stand light when she falls asleep and I sleep later than her usually.  This made me search for a global dark theme.  I went to and tried all the global dark css themes they had (midnight surfing, global dark style, and myfavcolours).  They didn’t interest me too much.  One of my search took me to Twily’s webpage where I found his/her userscripts for Firefox.

I had to customize it a little as there was too much transparency on menus and the colors didn’t go well with my overall theme.

I’ve edited the tabs and overall colour theme.  There are some other css added for specific websites in my sqlite. The sqlite file just needs to be copied over to your firefox profile directory.  For me it is located at $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/<profilename>/

Just make sure you backup your existing stylish.sqlite file or if you haven’t installed stylish yet, go download it here.


Edit:  Oops forgot to provide the link to my stylish.sqlite which can be found on my github.