Leaving Macbook Air 6,2 2013 for a Dell XPS 13 Skylake

My wife had her pc die recently so I decided to format my macbook air and update it to El Capitan Mac OSX.  I’ve placed an order for the re-released Dell XPS 13 Skylake with i5/8g ram/256ssd/FHQ screen.  So one chapter ends and another begins.  I’ll post my own review of this device.  I did read many reviews and youtube videos and was a bit indecisive about getting this model as the keyboard just sucked.  The travel distance was bare minimum.  It is due to arrive just before I take off for my month long winter holiday.

Thank you to all of you who’ve visited my blog in regards to the Macbook Air over the years.  Hope it will help others who may get the MBA as a second-hand gift.  It is a nice device with its own quirks.