Time To Update?

A new update to my favorite rom Cyanide L for N7105, SGH-I317, SGH-I317m has arrived.  Version 4.0 has been rock solid for me and is my personal daily driver for the week it’s been out for.  I decided to update due to the amazing new additions in the changelog:


**CHANGELOG FOR CYANIDEL V5.0** *Added Expanded Desktop *Added Color Customizations for Quick Settings TIles *Added New Quick Settings Tiles *Allow Disabling of Force Close Notifications *More custom Options for System Animations *Introducing Cyanide Central *Added Lockscreen Slider *Custom Lockscreen Shortcuts *Added Option to Accept All Files via Bluetooth *Customize Navigation Ring *Fixes for Dark Text on Dark Background in Notifications *Ambient Display *Updates Theme Manager *Various UI Tweaks *Optimizations and Code Cleanup **KNOWN BUGS IN CYANIDE L V5.0** A few UI flaws you will see creep up. Mainly dark text on dark background in a few times with alert dialog. and popup dialog. With the next update, we will have a lot of theme changes. Mainly coming in the way of introducing the theme through Theme Engine, instead of it being coded into the ROM itself. Over time, there will be several colors to choose from for Cyanide Themes that will come with the ROM. Please bare with us (mainly me) as we work to resolve the theme issues by the next update. LTE tile text doesn't show and AudioFX tile doesn't actually show up if selected as a custom tile **D2ATT DEVICE SPECIFIC CHANGES** *Updated Device Tree *Packaged with Updated Shift Kernel (NOTE, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY OF THE KERNEL STICKING AS IN THE PREVIOUS BUILDS. IF THIS HAPPENS, FLASH THE STANDALONE FROM HERE - IF FOR SOME REASON THAT ALSO FAILS, THEN USE THE OLDER SHIFT KERNEL FROM HERE - I am still trying to find out the cause of the CPU sticking like it has been. Seems to be holding up okay right now, but I won't put 100% stock in it quite yet. That's it! You all know the standards: If something doesn't work right at first, clean flash, make sure you are on the shift kernel, grab a log, so on and so forth, so help you Android. THANKS!


Unfortunately, with V.5.0 I could not get the proximity sensors to work with the fix that worked for me in V.4.0.  Suffice to say I exhausted all known options and sadly went back to restore a nandroid I had for V.4.0.  There is high hopes for a fix coming in soon, perhaps in the next build.  Also, this only seems to affect the “M” variant of the Note 2.  The sgh-i317’s seems to have a smoother ride.