Facebook enable chat


Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s attempt at creating a mobile solution for instant messaging resulted in the creation of Facebook Messenger.  Unfortunately there is no choice given to the user.  All Facebook users are being forced to install messenger.  They are implementing this country to country so it will come to you sooner than later.  Recently, for Canadians, we are now seeing this enforcement.  No longer do we get the ‘Not Now’ choice.  Here is how to fix this.

Remove Messenger

If you manually installed it, just simply uninstall it.  If Messenger came preinstalled with your phone, you must have root access, then go to /system/apps and remove the facebook messenger APK from there by deleting it.

Download The Fix

The current version date of the fix is the January 9th 2015.  You can download it here.

Just simply open that APK file and install.  That’s it!  You are done.



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