Annoying cfg80211 Errors In Dmesg/Journalctl

[ +0.000005] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1) [ +1.194918] ERROR @wl_dev_intvar_get : error (-1)
[ +0.000005] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1) [ +1.194918] ERROR @wl_dev_intvar_get : error (-1)

For anyone using the proprietary driver, broadcom-wl, you may be spammed by the cfg80211 API error message when it is collecting tx power info, or that’s how I read it.  Anyways, this has plagued me for over a year and recently I’ve finally figured out why this is happening for me but not for many others.

For my dwm statusbar I called iwconfig to grep its ESSID:

print_wifiqual() {
wifiessid="$(/sbin/iwconfig 2>/dev/null | grep ESSID | cut -d: -f2)"
wifiawk="$(echo $wifiessid | awk -F',' '{gsub(/"/, "", $1); print $1}')"
wificut="$(echo $wifiawk | cut -d' ' -f1)"
echo -ne "${color6}¤${color0}${wificut}"

Calling upon iwconfig will always result in the error message and with my statusbar calling upon it every second, you can imagine the flood of errors in my logs which I am now happy to say no longer shows up.