Tired Of Ditto Note 3 Or 4?

Touchwiz is great but a bit boring.  It is also cumbersome to manually change DPI per each app instead of just changing a system-wide DPI through build prop.  On top of this, Ditto Note 4 is on Kit Kat.  Although you can get most of these features through xposed mod, it takes some hunting down and trial and error.  I also noticed GPS was iffy at this moment with Ditto Note 4 for many of its users.

Enter Wilson3q's Lollipop Rom!

This rom is a relative newcomer to the Note 2 Android Development scene and I was really impressed by the stability of this rom.  Check out my initial review here.  Today is a continuation of that review.

AGNI Kernel

The AGNI Kernel is by far the best kernel I’ve used, if you can get it installed.  With the latest wilson3q’s roms, it is a bit tricky, as you will boot into a black screen.  What worked for me is this.

  1. Download the

  2. Download

  3. Wipe both caches

  4. Install the kernel, then install the blobs

  5. Wipe both caches

  6. Reboot

AGNI Settings

If you aren’t too sure how to configure AGNI, take a look at the bottom of my Cyanide V4 Review where I wrote the settings I use.



Don’t forget to check out wilson3q’s XDA Thread.

As well as psndna88’s Agni thread on XDA.