Who would’ve known it required quite a few changes to switch from Wordpress to a jekyll site hosted on github. My domain registrar is Namecheap and I had to delete Digital Ocean’s nameserver off the domain. Create some A names to point to github’s servers and a CNAME to the .github.io. Since the domain wasn't pointing to Digital Ocean, my DO created A name for the subdomain broke. I had to go back to Namecheap to create an A name so that my subdomain pointed to another droplet.


  1. blog:
    • add search button
    • add tags or category, some way to organize all the posts
    • remove useless posts
    • fix .md formating in imported posts
    • better font?
    • better theme?
    • merge /wordpress to /images
  2. migrating:
    • make sure to download all important files from buntu vps
    • delete buntu vps
  3. arch vps:
    • mail server
    • other projects?