With online connectivity increasing ever so much year by year it is about time I ‘sync’ my work environment.  I’ve loaded up an owncloud server on my digital ocean droplet and installed the calendar app.

Connecting Owncloud with Outlook

  1. Visit here
  2. Extract and run the CalDavSynchronizer.Setup.msi
  3. Launch Outlook, plugin should be started
  4. Click on Calendar at bottom of outlook
  5. To the right of File, Home, Send/Receive, Folder, View is a new view window called CalDav Synchronizer
  6. Click on it
  7. Click on Synchronization Profiles
  8. Set Name to what you wish it to be called
  9. Outlook Folder should be set to Calendar
  10. Check Synchronize items immediately after change
  11. DAV URL you can get by hovering over your calendar name in owncloud via a web browser.  Usually is http://domain-or-ip/remote.php/dav/calendars/owncloudusername/calendarname-1/
  12. Enter in username for owncloud
  13. Enter in password for username
  14. Click on test settings
  15. The rest you can setup as you wish

If it doesn’t sync right away, click on CalDav Synchronizer and hit synchronize now.  Also refresh your calendar view in owncloud browser.

Connecting Owncloud with Android

In my search for a simple synchronization for android and owncloud I came across this blog post.

  1. Essentially, download or open F-droid
  2. Search for Caldav Sync Adapter
  3. Install
  4. Go to settings, Accounts
  5. Add Caldav sync adapter
  6. Input your ownbox credentials (caldav url, username, password)'
  7. Save/accept
  8. From the Settings, Accounts window click on Caldav Sync Adapter
  9. Slide to enable calendar sync

Now you can use the built in google calendar app which will pull in your calendar data.