Switching my work computer to linux has been a challenge. I am not a well learned linux user and have only learned by solving these challenges. At work I wanted to print from Mutt and stumbled across muttprint.

The mutt archwiki provides an example syntax to add into muttrc:

set print_command="/usr/bin/muttprint %s -p {PrinterName}"

For me, I had to change it to:

set print_command="/usr/bin/muttprint %s"

And edit line 9 of /etc/Muttprintrc:




To find the printer name I ran:

lpstat -s

And the provided output was:

system default destination: Brother_HL-L5200DW_series
device for Brother_HL-L5200DW_series: socket://

Back to editing muttrc, ensure that your key binding for ‘print-message’ is defined:

bind    pager   P           print-message