A New Home

This post is meant to be an update on my personal life. I’ve recently relocated to Vancouver, BC. This is roughly 600km away from my previous home. During this transition I’ve went through some life crisis such as divorce, health, and the ending of my involvement with a startup I considered my baby.

Rough is such a simple word to represent all the joys, turmoil, achievements, and challenges for the past year.


It all started during the Christmas holidays in 2016. My wife took our baby to Richmond, BC to visit her family and never returned. A month later I went to visit my baby and was served divorce papers instead. It made my visit bitter sweet to say the least. During the divorce court I wanted to reconcile and the only way to do so was to leave my business and relocate to Vancouver. There were other conditions to reconciliation but I’ll leave that private for now.


There was blood, a lot of blood, coming out of my arse. Being in my mid 30’s, nobody really took me seriously. I went from one doctor to another and finally met a great specialist. I lived in great moments of pain as stool passed through my intestines creating a razor sharp pain. On top of that I’ve lost litres of blood over the span of a month. I went in for a small operation which concluded that this was not life threatening. It would require a surgery to fix my issue. It was recommended to wait and see if this continued and for me to gauge the necessity of this surgery. I decided to wait and see how it goes. For now, don’t worry, I’m fine now. But during this period I was really worried about not being able to watch my daughter grow up. Funny how that worry spurred me to eat and be actively healthy.


Sigh. Where to start? I’ve learned so much from this experience of validating an idea and creating a startup. To travel the world and explore opportunities. Although I could no longer afford to participate on this startup, it will be a treasured experience. Here are some of the learnings:

  • Even if you start a startup with a close friend, document and sign every oral agreement.
  • Do not go against what you believe in just for the sake of unity.
  • Do not give shares to people who say they will add value. Take the time to clearly identify what your current needs are and that their value will cover your needs.
  • Do not work with people you do not like. Especially if they are the type that doesn’t get work done and always has excuses why they couldn’t finish their task. Find people who are responsible.
  • Once the relationship sours, there is no easy way to fix it.
  • Try to find people who have the same frequency.
  • Be very clear with your expectations.
  • Avoid risk averse people. People who talk intangibly and without putting liability on themselves. If they aren’t confident and need an opt-out, run away.

As the holiday season approaches, I feel like the last year has been difficult for a reason. The reason? I’m not so sure right now but I know it will be fruitful.

Written on December 17, 2017