Putty or Kitty – Changing Color Scheme

My work environment is on windows and often I need to ssh into my server with putty (edit: I now use Kitty).  The coloring is determined through the putty color settings and I quickly found that I couldn’t look at my terminal without wincing in pain when weird color combinations plague my sight.

A quick google search found a russian site that had really nice color schemes.  You can browse through and find the one that resonates with you.  Personally, I am enjoying the chalkboard theme.  For fear of having this site go down, I’ve copied the theme settings below.


[caption id=”attachment_64” align=”alignnone” width=”667”]chalkboard putty color theme http://putty.org.ru/themes/index.html[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_65” align=”alignnone” width=”837”]putty chalkboard code http://putty.org.ru/themes/index.html[/caption]


I’ve now switched to the Kasugano colour theme.  I’ve converted the hex colours to RGB below:

URxvt.background: #1b1b1b 27-27-27
URxvt.foreground: #FFFFFF 255-255-255
URxvt.colorBD: #CFCFCF 207-207-207
URxvt.colorUL: #969696 150-150-150
URxvt.colorIT: #686868 104-104-104
*color0: #3D3D3D 61-61-61
*color8: #4D4D4D 77-77-77
*color1: #6673BF 102-115-191
*color9: #899AFF 137-154-255
*color2: #3EA290 62-162-144
*color10: #52AD91 82-173-145
*color3: #B0EAD9 176-234-217
*color11: #98C9BB 152-201-187
*color4: #31658C 49-101-140
*color12: #477AB3 71-122-179
*color5: #596196 89-97-150
*color13: #7882BF 120-130-191
*color6: #8292B2 130-146-178
*color14: #95A7CC 149-167-204
*color7: #C8CACC 200-202-204
*color15: #EDEFF2 237-239-242
Written on January 18, 2014